Boat and Car Windows

We manufacture custom made boat windows and car windows in a range of high quality and robust plastic sheets including Lexan polycarbonate and Perspex acrylic, offering a cost-effective and reliable alternative to glass.

We can cut the panel to your exact size requirements - profile to shape, and pre-drill fixing holes. From a small single window, to a full vehicle set, our aim is your absolute satisfaction.

All we need to offer our highly competitive quotation are the dimensions required for your boat window or car window. If you have a sketch this can be faxed, emailed or posted with your enquiry.

Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

Please note that we do not have any off-the-shelf windows or drawings - we can only work to customer supplied drawings.

polycarbonate car window
perspex boat window

FAQ's about Custom Made Boat and Car Windows

I haven't got a dimensioned drawing, can you still make my car window from a template?
Possibly. We may be able to make your boat or car window from a template, but without a dimensioned drawing we can't guarantee a perfect match. Windows with straight edges and angles are easier to duplicate without a drawing than curved windows. The best thing to do is send your template to us and we will confirm how closely, if at all, we can match your existing window.

How long will be delivery take?
Once dimensions or suitability of template are confirmed, we normally despatch your finished boat window or car window in a matter of days, and can deliver anywhere in the world.

Which material should I use for my window?
Perspex or Lexan polycarbonate are the two most commonly used materials for making boat and car windows.

What are the main advantages/disadvantages of using Perspex for my window?
Offers good scratch resistance
UV stable, so can be used externally (clear only)
Light transmission of clear sheet is 92% giving better clarity than glass
Range of coloured tints available
Impact strength only 10 times that of glass (but still classed as 'shatterproof')

What are the main advantages/disadvantages of using Lexan polycarbonate for my window?
Offers superior impact strength - over 250 times that of glass (and so is virtually unbreakable)
UV stable, so can be used externally (clear only)
Light transmission of clear sheet is 87% giving better clarity than glass
Is more susceptible to scratches than Perspex (although we can supply a higher grade of Lexan which offers improved scratch-resistance)
Only available in either clear or bronze-tint

Can I clean the windows in the normal way?
The best method for cleaning Perspex or Lexan windows and sheets is by washing with a solution of luke warm water with a drop of washing-up liquid - using a soft cloth to loosen any dirt and grime. Then rinse with cold water, and dry with a very soft cloth to prevent water spotting. You should not use chemicals, glass spray, or other abrasive cleaning materials, nor should you use any form of scraper, squeegee or other sharp instruments.

I frequently use my car for off-road rallying, so the windows may need replacing occasionally?
Once created, we keep your window size and shape on file - so all you need to do is let us know when you need some more.

I love the picture of the car on this page - what is it?
The car shown is the first UK supplied Morgan Roadster V6 and is owned by Alex & Christine Sully. The car features Lexan polycarbonate windows (manufactured by us) and was hand-built by the Morgan Motor Company and supplied by Berrybrook Morgan (see their site for pictures of the car in build).

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