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Tesla discount code get £250 off

£250 discount code for Tesla

Use our Tesla discount code to get £250 off your order!

Tesla discount code for £250 off your brand new Tesla!

 £250 discount automatically applied when you use this link

Ready to order your new Tesla? Do you want a £250 discount off your order? Just use our link to automatically apply your discount code. We’re excited to share our Tesla discount code which rewards you with £250 off when you order your new Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S (LHD), Model X (LHD) and Tesla Model Y.

This is the latest and most up to date Tesla Discount Code available – last updated October 20th 2023

To take advantage and apply your £250 discount code, just make sure you follow this Tesla referral code link and place your order online. No link = no Tesla discount!

Click your preferred Tesla model below to design and order your:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model Y

As soon you click the link, you’ll see confirmation that the referral has been applied. If you’re ordering in a Tesla store, just quote referral code “andy3730” to your sales advisor.

Remember: use this code at the time of ordering; Tesla don’t allow you to add the referral once an order has been placed. (Full referral terms are available here)

What is Supercharging?

Supercharging is the fastest way to charge your Tesla when you’re on a road trip – and recharges your battery at a rate of up to 1,000 miles an hour.

You just plug in at any one of Tesla’s Superchargers – conveniently spread across the whole of the UK and much of Europe – and you’ll be ready to continue your journey in about 20 minutes. You don’t even have to wait in your car, you’re free to grab a coffee and visit the WC!

Once you share your destination with your Tesla, its savvy sat-nav system steps in, figuring out the necessary charging stops and ideal durations to ensure a smooth and stress free journey to your destination. You can also manually add your charging stops, if preferred.

How much does Tesla Supercharging cost in the UK?

The UK price for Tesla Supercharging is generally between £0.37/kWh and £0.44/kWh (correct as at October 2023), depending on what time and how busy the Supercharging site is.

Specific pricing for each Supercharger location is shown on the popup of the location through the navigation system on the vehicle touchscreen.

We’re huge fans of Tesla and making our contribution to sustainable energy – we hope you will too. 


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