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Duratron® PBI

Duratron® PBI

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Duratron® PBI
Duratron® PBI is the highest performance engineering thermoplastic available. It offers the greatest heat resistance and mechanical property retention over 205 °C (400 °F) of any unfilled plastic. It has better wear resistance and load carrying capabilities at extreme temperatures than any other engineering plastic.

Duratron® PBI was formerly called Celazole® PBI

Main properties of Duratron® PBI:

  • Very high maximum service temperature in air (310°C continuously, increasing to 500°C for short periods)
  • Superior retention of mechanical strength and stiffness over a broad range of temperature
  • Extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • Low flammability
  • Extremely good wear and frictional properties
  • Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
  • Low outgassing (except water)
  • Very “clean” in terms of ionic impurity